‘I come from a family where acting was frowned upon’

Despite being what they call an outsider, Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez has managed to carve a niche for herself in the Indian film Industry. She made her successful Bollywood debut in 2009 and after eight years, reflects upon her extraordinary journey and shares the most important lesson the whole experience has taught her.
“I think it’s been about ‘always believe in yourself’. I come from a really simple family, a Sri Lankan family in the Middle East where we didn’t even have anything such as theatre and acting and being in movies was just kind of frowned upon. As a kid I used to watch all these movies and think to myself like ‘wow, what would it like to be an actress or a film star’ and I never really thought it could be possible. But, at the back of my head I said ‘no I’m still going to go for it and so I think the most important thing is ‘anything is possible’. I mean you can be whatever you imagine whatever you conceive in your mind can actually happen in reality and with acting as well you know internalize a lot because you have to play so many different characters so its taught me a lot about myself and its very very important to know ‘who you are’ and be a proud of it and show that to the world.”
Jacqueline is currently gearing u for the release of her upcoming movie ‘Judwaa 2’ alongside Varun Dhawan and Taapsee Pannu, which will hit the theatres on 29th September.