Domestic productions dominate Eid

The Dhallywood cinema industry in last Eid ul Firt was much heated up with the release of joint production films. Many people and critics criticized different contents of films and artists started a movement to stop the joint production films right after the Eid. The stirred up situation in Dhallywood para is much calmer now as three domestic production films released on the occasion of Eid ul Azha.
Among the three films, Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan and actress Bubli are dominating the cinema market as two films-Rangbaj and Ahangkar feature Shakib-Bubly pair. The third film Sonabondhu stars DA Tayeb, Porimoni and Poppy.
Ahangkar was supposed to get released on last Eid ul Fitr; however, due to the joint production film’s domination on the box office, the release date was postponed to this Eid.
About the film, director Shahadat Hossain Liton informed, “I am hopeful for the film because hall owners are showing interest to release my movie in their theaters. We already had preparations to release Ahangkar in 136 cinema halls. We also received the payment from the hall owners. However, we are currently facing a server problem so we had to release the movie in 110 halls.”
Director Abdul Mannan is also hopeful for his film Rangbaj. He said, “We released the movie in 162 cinema halls. Our country is currently facing server problem. Only Jazz Multimedia has its own server that we can use. That’s why we couldn’t release the movie in more cinema halls.”
“Viewers will find new things in the film. I have tried my best. The producers helped us in every way to produce a good film. I believe the audience will accept the film positively,” he added.
Sonabondhu is folk based cinema. The director, Jahangir Alam Sumon is very happy with his film. “After a long time folk based cinema has been released. The movie stars popular actress Poppy and Porimoni, new sensation of current time,” he said.
“We are very hopeful that audience will like the movie. We have released the film in 40 cinema halls. We believe audience will have a different experience with this film,” he added.