Miss BumBum says she was groped hours after winning title


The winner of the 2017 Miss BumBum contest has claimed she was groped just hours after taking the crown for Brazil’s best behind.

Rosie Oliveira, 28, said that she slapped her assailant across the face when he tried to grab her famous rear end at the competition’s after-party in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The big-bottomed beauty was spotted leaving a police station two days after opening up about her ordeal and now wants the competition organizers to scour CCTV footage to identify the man.

The furious model blasted: “Just because I’m Miss BumBum doesn’t mean I don’t deserve respect.”

Oliveira wowed judges by beating 14 rivals on her way to claiming the prestigious crown which promises fame and fortune to the lucky winner.

During the competition, she modeled in a bikini and shocked organizers by holding a flag of her homeland with a strong message against the current Brazilian president.

When selected for the contest, Oliveira expressed concern about the current political situation in her homeland.

“My biggest dream is that politics in Brazil improves, we can have peace of mind and guarantee us health, education and security to all,” she said.

“I want to live to see a political reform, I do not have children and the country in which we live prevents me from that dream.”

She said she decided to participate in Miss BumBum because the competition opens the door to so many new opportunities.

“I saw the opportunity to expand my career and do some work in catalogs and magazines outside Brazil,” he explained.

This year’s competition was said to be more “elegant” than previous years with butts bigger than 42 inches banned from the contest.

However, the contest was marred in controversy when six contestants were accused of cheating in an earlier round.

The organizers of the pageant launched an investigation after it was claimed that hi-tech computer software had been used to cast votes for some of the women who progressed through to the final.

All the previous winners of the contest in the different editions have acquired international fame including Erika Canela, Suzy Cortez, Indianara Carvalho and Dai Macedo, among others.

The New York Post