“Dhaka Attack” Crossed Hundred Days of Screening

Dhaka Attack film Poster

Today on Saturday, A Bengali Film ‘Dhaka Attack’ has crossed a hundred days of screening. The film was launched on 6th October last year and remains immensely popular till now.

The movie has been running in theatres both inside the country and outside of the country since last year. On Friday, more movie theatres screened the film once again. The film has been released in the USA and Malaysia too.

Dhaka Attack Film Poster

Director Dipankar Dipon attributes the strong storyline and viewers’ response to Dhaka Attack’s success.

Dipon said, “We relied on our viewers. Some said that the viewers would reject the storyline, but we believed our viewers are smart. We believed in them and it paid off. It is almost unbelievable that the film has run so long.”

“Dhaka Attack” Crossed Hundred Days ScreeningMeanwhile, Dhaka Attack has been released in 51 theatres of 17 different countries. The film is being screened once again by several theatres including Jamuna Blockbuster, Shyamoli Cineplex, Balaka and Modhumita on Friday.

Dhaka Attack has been tremendously well received by movie goers abroad too. Initially the film was released in Dallas and New York only. It has now been released in another 16 cities of the USA.

The movie starts Arefin Shuvo, Mahia Mahi, Afzal Hossain, Alamgir and others.