BNP chief Khaleda’s lawyers expect docs for appeal by Wednesday


    Counsels of BNP chief Khaleda Zia say they are expecting to get a copy of the court’s verdict by Wednesday with their client behind bars for almost a week now.

    The 72-year-old former prime minister was convicted of corruption and sentenced to five years in prison by a Dhaka court on Feb 8.

    BNP chief Khaleda’s lawyers expect docs for appeal by Wednesday

    The judge had read out a summary of his 632-page verdict before the sentencing, after which Khaleda was taken to old jailhouse on Dhaka’s Nazim Uddin Road.

    Soon after the verdict was delivered, the defence sought a certified copy of it to take the legal battle to the High Court, but it’s yet to be available.

    The BNP claims that the delay was an intentional effort to keep the party chief confined.

    On Monday, Zainul Abedin, one of the attorneys of Khaleda’s legal team, told that they have given the court 3,000 pages of stamped papers, on which the verdict will be copied before the judge certifies it.

    On Wednesday, another defence lawyer said they were expecting to receive it by the afternoon.

    “We will get the certified copy by 4pm and will file an appeal with the High Court right away,” he told during pro-BNP lawyers’ demonstration at the premises of the Dhaka district and sessions judge’s court.