Sajeeb Wazed is Active about Bangladesh in Twitter


Al Masud Nayon, Senior Correspondent @
Natun; & Natun

Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the International Leader in ICT Sector, Son of the Bangladesh Prime Minister sheikh Hasina & The ICT Advisor of Bangladesh Prime Minister is always active in Twitter about the Politics, Culture & the Development works of the Country Bangladesh.

Shajib Wazed Joy.

On thrusday, 22 February he has twitted on his own twitter account which has followed by the Natun Somoy Senior Reporter today and it has published on Natun Somoy English News Portal.

Tweeted by Sajeeb Wazed Joy.

Shajib has always twitted some english news from different Bangladeshi news websites about the development of the country, politics and others achievements of the country Bangladesh and it had represent to the world by his own twitter account.

Shajib Wazed Joy, He has twitted today at 7:22 AM, 22 Feb 2018 a news about the Ekushay Book fear – 2018 of the country Bangladesh.

This twit, In where the Prime minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina laid emphasis on Maintain distinctive character of Bangla. He also Mention it on his tweet. He also retwitted many of the tweet of Bangladesh Awami League as a leader of this political party in Bangladesh.

Tweeted by Shajib Wazed Joy.