Ekushey book fair sees a rise in sales

Ekushey book fair sees a rise in sales.

Books worth Tk 705 million were sold during the monthlong Ekushey fair making the sales Tk 51 million higher than last year.

At least 4,951 books were published marking the annual fair this year, although the Bangla Academy termed only 488 as “quality books.”

Ekushey book fair sees a rise in sales.

“We should remember what Professor Anisuzzaman said—to write one quality book instead of hundred,” said Jalal Ahmed, director of sales and marketing at the Bangla Academy and member secretary of the organising committee in his keynote speech at the closing ceremony of the fair on Wednesday.

Cultural Affairs Minister Asaduzzaman Noor, Bangla Academy President Prof Anisuzzaman, Director General Shamsuzzaman Khan were present on the occasion.

Ekushey book fair sees a rise in sales.

Books published during the fair belonged to different genres including poems, novels, short stories, biography and articles with poem collections topping the list with 1,472 books.

Eminent writers and publishers mentioned the lack of literary quality of published books. However, they also hailed the increased number of young writers and readers.

“It is great that the number of readers and writers increased. But we will try to make creative books available to readers throughout the year and not just in February,” said Majharul Islam, chief executive of publishing house Onnoprokash.

Ekushey book fair sees a rise in sales.

Bangla Academy announced four memorial awards including Chittaranjan Saha Memorial Award, Munier Chowdhury Memorial Award, Rokonuzzaman Khan Memorial Award and Qaiyum Chowdhury Memorial Award.

Also, publication house Tamrolipi honoured Saleha Chowdhury and Sadia Islam Brishti with Ayesha Fayez Literary Award.

Publishers and visitors had complained about the stall distribution and sewage system in the fair which Jalal Ahmed acknowledged.

“Next year we will apply well-thought-out rules and regulations to alleviate the situation,” he said adding there will be an evaluation meeting on the book fair soon.