No joint-venture screenplays for preview under new policy

A still of joint venture film `Swapnojaal` starring Yash Rohan and Pori Moni.

The new preview committee for joint production films did not receive a single screenplay since the new policy and the committee was formed, confirmed president of the committee Amir Hossain.

A still of joint venture film `Swapnojaal` starring Yash Rohan and Pori Moni.

Amir Hossain is also the managing director of Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC).

“We expect to receive some screenplays soon,” said Amir.

Industry insiders say otherwise. They say, the terms and conditions in the new policy are very hard to follow and so the producers have no intention of making joint venture films anymore.

Earlier the new preview committee approved two films ‘Noor Jahaan’ and ‘Swapnojaal’ under the old policy as they were shot before the new policy came into effect.

“The new policy is not conducive for joint ventures. Even I will not produce any joint ventures until the conditions are relaxed,” said Abdul Aziz, the chairman of Jaaz Multimedia.

Jaaz multimedia has produced a number of joint ventures till now.

SK Movies from India is one of the big houses that has produced at least 12 films so far. But the production house is now backing off due to the new policy and its hard-to-follow terms.

“Under the new policy, it will take too long to even start shooting of any film due to the lengthy procedures,” said Ashok Dhanuka, the managing director of SK Movies.

Iftekhar Uddin Nowshad, a member of the preview committee said, such a tough policy will be a barrier for big budget movies that ultimately will harm the industry.

Shahin Ara Begum, deputy secretary of the Ministry of Information agreed that the new policy was a bit difficult.

“We changed the previous policy according to the demand of directors and producers. If they demand the new policy to be relaxed we can discuss on it at the ministerial level again,” Shahin Ara Begum said.