Zafar Iqbal attack: Angry protests at SUST

Zafar Iqbal attack: Angry protests at SUST

Nearly 3,000 students of the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology are holding marches on campus as part of a massive protest against a stabbing attack on Prof Muhammed Zafar Iqbal.

Zafar Iqbal attack: Angry protests at SUST

The protesters formed a human chain and began a protest march around 9:30am on Sunday.

The students chanted slogans asking why SUST officials were not taking action over the incident and calling for unity among SUST students.

The students plan to sign a public petition calling for swift justice for the perpetrators and ‘masterminds’ of the attack. They are also planning to hold a silent protest march on Sunday evening.

The SUST Teachers Union and the United Cultural Alliance also plans to hold protests on campus on Sunday afternoon.

Zafar Iqbal attack: Angry protests at SUST

A man attacked and injured Prof Iqbal during a campus event on Saturday.

The attacker, a madrasa student named Faizur Rahman, also known as Faizul, was apprehended by teachers and students. He was later taken into RAB custody. Two of his uncles were also detained by law enforcers.

“The attack was absolutely disgusting,” said student protester Khaled Saifullah Ilias. “We condemn the attack and call for the swift arrest and punishment of the attackers and their ringleaders.”

Bayezid Ahmed, another student, said: “The public attack during an event raises questions regarding our security situation. We must ask, has the administration been negligent in ensuring [Prof Zafar Iqbal’s] security?”

Rifat Hosain, a protest leader, announced further protests after the march came to an end.

The human chain called for the construction of a border wall on campus and the barring of outsiders from entering campus.

“The students are holding peaceful demonstrations to protest the attack,” said SUST Proctor Zahir Uddin Ahmed. “The teachers’ union will also hold a protest this afternoon.”