Hasina stresses harvesting rainwater for safe drinking

Hasina stresses harvesting rainwater for safe drinking.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has stressed preserving rainwater to ensure safe drinking water for people.

At an event on the occasion of World Water Day on Tuesday, Hasina said 87 percent of Bangladesh’s population has access to safe drinking water.

Hasina stresses harvesting rainwater for safe drinking.

The government was working sincerely to ensure safe drinking water for 100 percent of the population, Hasina said. “We must create a plan on how we can preserve more rainwater.

“We are fortunate that unlike many other countries, Bangladesh is not devoid of sweet water. Bangladesh is a riverine country.”

Her government was determined to arrange safe drinking water for everyone while simultaneously maintaining ecological balance, she said.

Urbanisation and modern technology have damaged nature greatly, she asserted. “We have numerous rivers, ponds and canals. But they must be preserved. We see people filling them up in name of development works.”

Bangladesh is a country of 700 rivers but the rivers are losing navigability, she went on.

“I genuinely believe that the preservation of rainwater will be more effective than dredging and other processes.”

Flood protection and irrigation facilities have been established on about 6.4 million hectares of land through implementation of 825 projects, Hasina said.

The arrangements have led to production of 10 million tonnes of extra grains a year.

About 1,030 square kilometres of riverside lands have been recuperated, according to the ruling Awami League chief.

On inter-country river water sharing, she said: “Discussions with India are ongoing over the 54 rivers flowing through the two countries.”

The premier further said agricultural productions must be in coherence with nature and food habits must be developed accordingly.

“We must make peace with nature and be ready to meet the ever-growing challenges.”

Water Resources Minister Anwar Hossain also spoke at the event. World Water Day 2018 was observed globally on Mar 22.